Highway 26 starts in Frederick as Liberty Road and becomes Liberty Heights Avenue in Baltimore City, ending at Druid Hill Park. I grew up on this road in a farmhouse built by my mother's side of the family in 1775 and currently live less then 3 miles from its end. The people, buildings, history, and landscape along the road between these two places hold so much history for me. I am interested in exploring how the landscape evolves and transforms over the length of this road that goes through suburbs, farms, and cities.

This interest comes from growing up on my family's farm that is now a suburban housing development along the Monocacy River in Frederick, Maryland. The 18th century farmhouse where I lived, now restored, sits crowded by the cookie-cutter suburban homes, oblivious to the history of the land they sit on. This place has shaped my life so much and yet bears so little resemblance to the place I knew. The farmland where I played, watched the cows, and where my family farmed for generations is only a whisper to the commuters passing by and to those now living on the land.

I am interested in the wandering path of this narrative as I photograph – taking me to familiar and unfamiliar places while serving as a thread for larger ideas about the land of Maryland as well as memory and a sense of home.